The parallax effect

Perhaps you are the same as me, ‘Parallax’ is a word I can’t remember hearing.

Until recently, when a stranger sat beside me in Starbucks and talked about it.

In simple terms, ‘parallax’ is when an object is viewed from two different directions, meaning you see it differently dependent on your view.

Isn’t life like that?

We are all presented with the same issue, scenario or circumstance and yet we all see and react to it very differently.

Some see it as an opportunity, some with fear, some with a negativity that ultimately stops them making progress.

Why do we see things differently?

Because we are different.

All beautiful, unique and different.

All with an individual view of the world.

Made up from all our experiences along the way, shaping us into who we are today.

All with a part to play in contributing to the world we live in.

So lets not judge when someone see’s something differently.

Whens someone doesn’t share the same opinion.

Lets learn to respect one another.

Love one another.

Be at peace with one another.

Because that is what will change our world.


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